dijous, 19 de març del 2009

Climbing with Benny - Part II

Benny was very happy with the climb we did in Montserrat so, on sunday we went climbing again. We went to El Garraf and climbed El Pic del Martell, a barely 150m limestone wall.
We climbed a route called Mutan World, with very nice pitches, especialy the third one, with very nice moves and good exposure!!!!
It was pretty windy but sunny, and we had very nice views of the Mediterrani; another nice and enjoying climbing day!!!!

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Kathy Sharp ha dit...

I hope "Deixeu el vostre comentari" means something like "leave a comment." I just wanted to thank you for the great photos and fun commentary. :o)

(friend of Sheri and Jodie, across the Pond)