dimecres, 18 de març del 2009

Climbing with Benny

Last week I had a visit form the other side of The Pond, Jodie's friend Sheri. I met Jodie last year when I was travelling and climbing around Arizona; she was very kind to me, took me climbing, invited me to her place... I had a great time with her; in the picture climbing in Cochise Stronghold:
So this last weekend Balma and I took Sheri to climb: on saturday we climbed in Montserrat, La Panxa del Bisbe, a nice route that climbs the left arete on this picture:
The first pitch was steep!! Very enjoying climbing, surfing this pebble and cobblestone sea:
We had fun!! the weather was perfect!! and of course Benny was climbing with us too!! Benny is Sheri's nephew's bear and he is now travelling around Europe!!! He made it to the very top, here in his last effort:
The four of us on to of La Panxa del Bisbe with El Cavall Bernat on the back groud:

To be continued . . .

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Anònim ha dit...

Wow, looks like an awesome climb and day! Sheri you scored! How nice of Marc and Balma to take you and Benny. Next time take me instead of Benny. I'm jealous of the $%^& teddy bear!! :)

-scott, arizona

Anònim ha dit...

Nice Marc, looks like perfect weather! I am returning to Barcelona this June. I hope we can climb something big. Ordesa? Montrebei?